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MusicBiz for iPhone - Music Store finder Application

MusicBiz for iPhone - Music Store finder Application

For Immediate Release

Paris, Wednesday April 14, 2010

MusicBiz for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad - Music Store finder Application

CocciSoftware today announces the release of "MusicBiz", a FREE and yet very useful iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application for anyone that travels and needs to locate music stores from any position around the world.

MusicBiz is a simple though powerful iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad application that instantly finds music stores near your current location. With over 4000 music shops listed around the world, MusicBiz is a must have app for all musicians and sound engineers that tour in their own country or anywhere else around the world...

MusicBiz Uses integrated GPS or IP localization that helps you find dealers near you when you need it the most ! At launch, MusikBiz instantly locates music stores near you while providing for each of them, complete company information, a call button and precise Google Map itinerary to take you there within minutes.

Need to replace an amplifier, find cables, rent a PA system, buy guitar strings or perhaps simply prospect music stores ? Look no further ! MusicBiz is the must have application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad tablet...

MusikBiz is available as a FREE download from the iTunes Store !

Learn more about "MusikBiz" from the CocciSoftware web site :

About CocciSoftware

CocciSoftware is a young software company involved in making useful applications for mobile products such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other mobile devices. CocciSoftware's main developer Francois Dechery is an experienced sound engineer and web developer that has worked in the audio industry for over 20 years. His great experience and natural programing skills makes him one of the best around to create fun while useful mobile applications for the music and pro audio community.


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