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CocciSoftware designs and engineers applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Macs.

A one man team

Francois is a web and software developer who has been developing for the web for over 12 years. During 20 years, Francois also worked as a professionnal musician and sound engineer. He likes working hard, is really scared by its email inbox size, and hates writing about himself. Francois lives in south of France, with his wife and his kid.


After using Macs for over 20 years, programming for the web and scripting linux server for 10 years, Francois tought it was time to make the big jump : learning cocoa, the programming language behind Mac and iPhone applications.

The first Application developped by CocciSoftware, is MusicBiz a useful iPhone application written in partnership with our friends at 440Network. We intend to make a few other iPhone applications, as well as some cool Mac applications.


We'd be really proud if you could review one of our products ! You may request a promo code or any other requests, by emailing us at press AT coccisoftware DOT com.

Press releases

Here is the list of our latest press releases:

Apr 14, 2010MusicBiz for iPhone - Music Store finder Application

Media Kits

We provide high resolution graphic files for our applications and company brand:




MusicBiz for iphone

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in CocciSoftware. Due to the huge amount of emails, we simply can’t answer all questions. Be sure to read this FAQ before contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you develop for other platforms besides the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac OS?
In short, No we don't!
Can I hire you to develop an iPhone application?
Yes, you can. Please send us an email describing your project, your budget, and your dead-line.
Can I ask you to develop a Mac application?
We are focusing on our internal developments for the Mac platform and we don't currently intend to rent our services.
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